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Faucet in Hand ep2 Faucet in Hand ep2

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Offensive behavior

Dear Creator,
As an actual Ass-pirate myself, suffering from Assforfaceiousmentism, and my little brother suffering from nakedassfacesonlargebonerstickalarianism, I take offence to your creations. However, I am also gay and was aroused in a homoerotic manner. Kudos on the pornographical scenes.

By the way, next time you tell a story about your ass, LET ME KNOW else I'll sue for negligence and allowing my seed to penentratee my roofing!

Regards and many messy handshakes,

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TangerEntertainment responds:

Dear Consumer,
As a long time drawer / bad-animator of Ass-Pirates, such as yourself, I would like to inform you that this movie in no way condones Assdorfaceiousmentism or Nakedassfacesonlargebonerstickalarianism, however we take pride in our fine homoerotic material.

We shall indeed by contacting you in the future to consult you about our final instalment to the trilogy, lest our boners would surely invert.

May your penis live long and prosper,
-- TangerEntertainment

College University pt 10 College University pt 10

Rated 0 / 5 stars

This had a lack of boner, communist wenches.

This movie made my boner literally invert itself, so it was touching my prostate gland when I became aroused.

After watching this lump of homoerotic woman, I had to feel between my legs JUST to be sure i was still a man, because god forbid if I were a woman. This movie was severely deformed in every way, I'm positive the creators must be transexuals...THEY USED TO BE WOMEN! Only a a woman could draw such filth. One aspect I must comment on is the poor, poor, poor sound quality, so poor I had to repeat myself. One aspect I must comment on is the poor, poor, poor sound quality, so poor I could barely hear their flacid jokes and couldn't tell who was speaking when due to it's shoddy lip-syncing. Furthermore, stay away from the boner jokes, only creations by I and a few chosen clones placed inconspicously around the world may use them. Watch my movie "Faucet In Hand" and educate yourself on high-class and respectable humor.

In conclusion, I'd rather watch Pokemon than this. And I will.

-- wtf my boner.

Parks2 responds:

I was waiting for your I can rest easy

College University pt 7 College University pt 7

Rated 0 / 5 stars

Go stick your head in a plastic bag.

Now, I usually don't give bad reviews to stuff that doesn't deserve it, I ain't a humorless prick, in fact I believe I have quite a healthy sense of humor, but this episode of your "College University" pushed me over. This is one full episode of utter crap. I suggested you go suffocate yourself via plastic bag, well I might just take my own advice and end my life after I'm done writing this. Though gouging my eyes and perhaps removing random chunks of my brain may seem like a solution, it's also seemingly temporary, and temporary isn't good enough.

I just can't believe ANYBODY would write crap like this? Sure, random humor is funny, very successful if applied CORRECTLY. Your disgusting attempts to even apply humor, if you can call it that, to this animation makes me retch, then eat something and retch again. Your sound quality is mind-numbingly disturbing and I don't think you've ever heard of a little technique called "Lip Synching". Your truly need to hang yourself using those a neck tie, and a cheap one too. No fancy ones for you, they don't deserve physical contact with the likes of you.

In conclusion, expulsion of yourself is a NUMBER ONE PRIORITY! Consider this before you even consider considering posting your next episode in the series.

College University pt 9 College University pt 9

Rated 0 / 5 stars

Please allow cannibals to cannibalize you.

This sorry excuse of a flsh animation chills me to my marrow, if you STILL make your animations like this please PLEASE, for the love of all good and worthwhile, cut off your fingers with blunt knives, or, even better, a slice of anchovy. You failed the first 8 episodes, what makes you think you'll ever succeed ever again? I admit, there is perhaps ONE joke there that tickled my funnybone, but it wasn't anywhere near enough to override my initial instincts (aka breaking my spinal cord. Paralysis is a small price to pay for the guarantee that I'll never ever be able to see this again.)

Also, on a related topic, to all those that believed this was a) Funnier than The Simpsons, Family Guy and Futurama, b) Ought to be televized and/or c) Even found more than 3% of this remotely funny, tsk tsk, you're making millions turn in their graves now. Your legal guardians/spouses/roomies/siblings should quickly exterminate chance of you thinking again by performing a quick and easy Lobotomy, involving the use of a garden spade and a pair of tweazers. For the love of God, do what you know is right, it could be contagious for all we know.

Thankfully, I am a man of reason, and will put these "Animations" down to a eternal fit of insanity on the Author's part. Rest easy my friend, and never EVER even think about animating another inanimate object, no matter what it might be. May you find peace and be with people that understand you soon, which is probably nobody.

College University pt 1 College University pt 1

Rated 0 / 5 stars

Please slash your wrists with sharp glass.

I'd say I'm sorry for this submission, but I'd be lying to myself. This is the sorriest piece of crap I've ever seen. Whilst watching this an awful taste creapt into my mouth, and I can honestly say I'd feel better eating a discarded blob of gum found on one of the more commonly used McDonalds tables. Thanks to you I will have to purge my eyes from my skull in general, so, before I gouge my eyes out with a blunt rake, I hate this so-called flash animation and everything associated with it.